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Complaints Handling Procedure
Step by Step

   Our aim is to do everything we can to ensure you are satisfied. If you feel        that we have fallen short of our high standards and you wish to complain,      we ask that you first telephone the person who has been your contact and        explain that you are dissatisfied with an aspect of the service you have            received.


   If you still remain unhappy with the way your complaint has been dealt           with then you should set out your complaint in writing to:


   Ms S Ojuko 

   Marden & Son Estate Agents

   105 Engleheart Road



   SE6 2EU 


   And/or by email:

   To resolve your complaint, we would ask that you include the following          information and evidence, if applicable:

• An outline of your complaint explaining why you feel that we have fallen        short of our high standards

• What you would like us to do to resolve it

• Any specific details that you feel would assist us with resolving your                complaint. Including, but not limited to:

         a.    Names of the advisers you have spoken to in connection with the                      complaint

         b.    Time(s) and Date(s) of the incidence(s)

         c.     Telephone number(s) and or Address(es) you have used to contact                     us and any written correspondence in connection with your                               complaint

         d.    Any other document in support of your complaint

   On receipt of a complaint, we will investigate the issue(s) you have raised       on your complaint fully and respond to you accordingly.

   The timescales for dealing with a complaint are as follows:

• You will receive an ‘acknowledgement of receipt’ of your complaint from        us within 3 working days of receipt of your complaint.

• Within 10 working days of the acknowledgement, you will receive a full          response.

• If we are unable to resolve the matter within the 10 working days as stated     above, we will provide you with reasons why we could not meet this time       frame and provide you with an estimate of when a full response will be           received

• After our final written response, we may deem the complaint closed. If we     deem the matter closed then we reserve the right not to enter into any               further correspondence.

   We are members of the Property Redress Scheme. If you remain unhappy       with the response received from us and have exhausted our complaints           procedure, you can contact the Property Redress Scheme (PRS) to ask them     to investigate your complaint. In order to take your complaint to The               Property Redress Scheme you must first have carried out the following:

• Made an official complaint to us, in writing;

• You have waited 8 weeks for your complaint to have been resolved by us          in writing;

• It is still within 12 months from our last communication with you                      regarding this complaint



    The Property Redress Scheme is a government approved Redress Scheme         who resolves complaints between Members and their consumers. The               complainant must have exhausted the Member's internal complaints                 procedure and remain dissatisfied with the Member's response. The                 Property Redress Scheme is free to use for the complainant and further           information and guidance on how to resolve complaints is available via           their website



     In order to make a complaint, please contact the Property Redress Scheme       directly or alternatively, visit their website and fill out a Complaints                 Form. The Property Redress Scheme contact details are as follows:


     Property Redress Scheme

     Premiere House 1st Floor Elstree Way



     WD6 1JH T.

     0208 275 7131




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