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Valuation & Solicitor



To begin the process you will require an agent to give you an accurate,

realistic valuation based on understanding the market conditions of the area your propertys is situated, however still achieving the best possible price for you. Marketing price, this can make or break your sale.

The first 4 - 6 weeks marketing is almost impossible to recreate, at this time you're likely to experience the most exposure. It is the job of the agent to advise you accordinly of local properties on the market that can be seen as competitors, to insure you ultimately advertise your property competitively along side these. 



Getting your property maximum exposure across a wide range of media paired with intelligent marketing can prove to be vital to achieving the best value for you, a good agent will understand the value of this.

Marden & Son Estates will act efficiently to obtain photographs and place all revelant property details on our website at the first opportunity to do so, we can also offer a full marketing package once instructed.



If you can be flexible with viewing times and ensure access evenings and weekends it can help indefinately. The presentation of your property is highly important as first impressions count, in some cases it is worth considering the following (fresh coat of paint, all rooms well lit /bright lighting, less clutter, well aired room with pleasant aromas, front/back gardens maintained, repair any outstanding minor and major damages).



When an offer is made it is your agents duty to inform you by writing even if you may have already verbally discussed the offer, your agent should also put in writing any special conditions stated. You should also be informed of your buyer ability to proceed and confirm their position before you make a decision to accept of decline the offer. A high level of skill is required to negotiate a sale successfully through to completion and achieving the best price.

Offer Accepted & Contracts

Offer Accepted


You accept an offer, the following will now take place.

Your agent will

- Prepare a memorandum of sale

- Write to all parties to confirm the agreed price

- Ask both parties to confirm their solicitors


Remember: There is no legal obligation on either side until contracts are signed and an exchange takes place. Verbal offers can always be renegotiated.


Now you can agree on the following

- Date for survey on the property

- Date for exchange of contracts

- Proposed date of completion




Your solicitors sends draft contracts to the buyers solicitor, who then carries out preliminary enquiries (deeds, lease, sellers questionaire, fixture and fittings schedule, proof of planning permission, guarantees, freehold certificate, service charge accounts and building insurance where applicable).


Marden & Son Estates will be there by your side every single step of the way advising, negotiating and keeping you up to speed with all developments.

Exchange of Contracts


An exhange can only occur when perliminary equiries, evidence of a good title, specific issued highlighted in the lease if applicable, local searches quiries, fixture & fittings included in the sale and the buyers mortgage offer are confirmed and agreed.


Contracts are then signed by both seller & buyer and the buyers deposit

will be transfered to your solitors via bankers draft or electronic transfer,

who will then hold on to the funds until completion. The completion date

is mutally agreed by both parties now.


Remember: Upon exchange of contracts the buyer is now legally bound to purchase your property.


Before completion check through you completeion statement with your solicitor, this contains all costs involved authorise you solicitor to settle any payments.


Shortly after exchanging contracts on a mutually agreed date you should

complete the sale of your property. Residual monies are transfered to your solicitors account, thats when your solicitor will contact you to confirm monies have cleared and will call your agent to inform them to release keys to the property owner.

Sellers Guide


Step by Step

Marketing, Viewings & Offers

Choose a Solicitor


Ideally do some research in to the solicitor you decide to instruct, with the view of employing a professional and experienced conveyancing firm that

are easy to talk to.

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